Poutine Pool Party is the tenth restaurant in the game. Poutine Pool Party unlocks at XP level 23.

Difficulty / tips Edit

Difficulty : # # # # #

- No Holding station.

- Have 2 cooking station (Fryer and Grill Station).

- Have 1 Preparing station (Maple Syrup Station).

- No Cooking Sear / Seasoning Gauge process in this restaurant.

- Have Fishing Rod.

- Have a Dessert.

- Most of food item passed by Topping station.

Spending for upgrade : # # # # # # #

Earning money rate : ???

Require level : ???

Cost to unlock : 9,000 coins + 15 golds.

This restaurant has a similar gameplay like Big Bay Burgers , they also sum some feature from previous restaurant such as Fishing rod from Prato Toscano etc.

This restaurant will don't have any holding/warming station. If player do mistake, player will have no choice but do it all over again and get a penalty.

in the later episode , player will suffer with the food recipe with a lost of process and can waste player a lot of time.

When player want to serve a Dessert, player need to tap the ice block for several times, in order to refill the Dessert.

In season 1 , player will unlock Fishing rod , Grill station ,and Dessert , Maple Syrup Station.

In season 2 , player will unlock the new drink / Topping station which have a same feature like Big Bay Burgers.

In season 3 , player will unlock a new dessert. New Menu Item will start get a hard process/ can confuse player easily.

In season 4 , player will unlock the new product , new menu dish's now will have long process , may confuse player in later episode .

Tips : Edit

- The first thing player have to do in every episode is (Tap Maple tree, Refilled Dessert , Tap Fishing rod) Don't forget about it !!

- Don't forgot to tap ice block to refill a Dessert everytime! .

- from season 3 , make your Appliance upgrade reach to at least 50% (because there will be a lot of dificulties)

- Not recommend to Upgrade Maple tree more than level 2 ( because they only have one purpose , to make Maple Syrup Station become available to use faster , upgrade more than this will only help player able to use Maple Syrup Station much faster and waste the money.

- Recommend to reach the Drink station's Upgrade to at least level 3

- Recommend to reach the Topping station (Cheese Curd Station,Gravy Station,Ketchup Station) to maximum level.

- Recommend to reach the Grill / Fryer Station to at least level 2

Meals and Products Edit

You can make the following meals with the previous products

AutoChef Edit

Trivia Edit

  • BackBacon,eh? is the food meals that has the same name as Back Bacon product's name (because it actually BackBacon after all).
  • This restaurant original has Christmas,Maple reference/concept.
  • This is the first restaurant that take place in the pool , and use swim ring instead of chair.
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